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Yes We Can (Defeat the Healthcare Program)

The cumbersome healthcare package "passed" in the House Saturday night, by only 220-215.  (For a change, all 435 Congresspeople voted.) A swing of three votes could have defeated it.

The vote now goes to the Senate, where a filibuster might defeat it. And even if it were passed there, it would have to go to a House-Senate conference, and then a full vote of both houses on the final bill.

From a Parliamentary point of view, however, it's possible for someone on the winning side of the House bill to call for a revote. A Republican leadership might be able to to persuade at least three selected (Democratic) supporters of the bill to change their minds, by offering not to run candidates in their districts. (And reward some crossover Democrats by doing the same.) In any event, some Democrats that did vote for the bill may now have to face their constituents on this matter.

Why should we try to defeat this health bill? We're not against health insurance. But both the government and corporations are disfunctional at this time. Trying to "fix" this system probably means breaking it. We should wait for a better time (our childre's generation), when public institutions are held in higher regard.