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Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

"This won't hurt a bit." So says the Doctor. So says "Dr." Obama about his new health plan.

The medical doctor may be telling the truth, but the political doctor is not.  Most people have enough health care but not all. And to make sure that "all" has is, we have to take something from "most."

One bone of contention is illegal immigrants. In theory, the new health program won't cover such people. In practice, it will, because no one will bother (or want to) check to see whether they are legal or not. "Enforcement" has never been a mainstay regarding this group, they are, after all, ILLEGAL immigrants in our midst.

But the main problem is that it will force EVERYONE to have an INTERMEDIATE level of health care. "Skimpy," budget health care that provides catastrophic coverage, and nothing else, will be penalized. So will "Cadillac" health plans that the government deems too expensive. This is the first step toward TOTAL choice restriction. The next step will be all that much tighter.

Let's get real and honest about health care. Let's find out who it's going to hurt, and how. And this reason is that this is not about health care. This is about a government power grab using genuine public health care as a vehicle.