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Judging Obama: His Rhetoric or His Record

On roughly the first anniversary of the 2008 Presidential elections, it might be worthwhile to judge the result, and the process by which it came about. One way to evaluate Obama is by his gifts: his eloquence, his Ivy League background, and his obvious command of certain facts. The last, particularly, stood out in contrast to his like-aged Republican opponent on the other ticket.

With the benefit of hindsight, we know that the operative metric for judging Obama, and most other people, was his record. This was one of  being the most liberal Senator in the country (his running mate, Joe Biden, was third, left of Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders; can't remember the second). Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer are MODERATES by comparison.

The other distinguishing feature is Obama's lack of executive experience. The last two people elected directly from the Senate to the Presidency were John F. Kennedy and Warren Harding. I'm old enough (just barely) to remember JFK, and "Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy."

Which doesn't leave much.

Here's another piece, from another forum about the relative merits of judging people by their "tools" or by their record.