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The Credit Card Dilemma

Suppose you were the sole possessor of a credit card. You might use it wisely, or you might not, But the choice would be entirely yours.

Suppose you were the co-possessor of a credit card with 500 other people. Then it would probably not be wise to use it frugally. Because there are 499 that want to go on a spending binge. Unless, of course, you could persuade a majority of the people to help you rein in the others. Otherwise, you'd all go broke together, but the people that spent the most would have had the most fun.

The current bailout basically extends unlimited credit to the greediest, most wasteful people in American society. These are people that would get themselves into trouble if left on their own. They will spend us broke if given access to the public purse. Which is essentially what they are doing. Which is why America will go broke unless the majority gets together to rein them in