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Global Warming Is A Hoax

So, in a backhanded way, admitted its strongest proponents. The real data didn't support their thesis, so they cooked up some.

This comes straight out of Alice in Wonderland. "Sentence first, then the trial," said the Red Queen. The outcome has been predetermined, meaning that the trial is just a formality. "The fix is in."

This goes to the heart of "cap and trade,"  a ruinously expensive piece of proposed U.S. legislation. Other countries don't believe in global warming, and with good reason, meaning that if we do, we will be the only ones paying for cleaning up the global environment in this way, even though we are no longer the world's greatest polluter (China is).

When you look at such heavy-handed piece of legislation, the key metric is not its merits (or lack thereof), but the Latin  expression, qui bono, who benefits?  In this case, it is the proponents of "junk science" and big government, who want to expand their domain at the expense of everyone else.