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The Nobel Peace Prize Committee: Betting on the "Come"

In awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Barrack Obama, the committee did something that growth investors often do; bet on the "come."

That is, growth investors will buy a stock for what it WILL do in the future, not for what it has done in the past.

As Obama himself  admitted, "I am at the beginning, not the end, of my labors on the world stage." That was a fair testiment to the "growth" nature of his candidacy.

Such a stock, er, candidacy, is peculiarly vulnerable to disappontment. That is because it could "disappoint" either by "turning south" or even by advancing, but at a slower rate than its past trend.

Obama also noted the irony of the prize. "I am the commander in chief of a nation engaged in two wars. Not your classical "peacenik." In fact, a certified war monger like Ronald Reagan, who didn't fight any major wars (OK, Grenada and Panama), but brought down the Soviet Union with an arms buildup, is arguably a more "peaceful" President.