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Bankruptcy Could Be the Stakes of the Health Care Debate

President Obama had a point: The United States could go bankrupt unless health reform were undertaken. But not HIS health reform.

A threatened bankruptcy is the result of too much spending. In that case, the solution is to tighten your belt.

The problem is, Obama;s health care plan is not really about belt tightening. It is about insuring more people, not fewer. It is about expanding the quantity, if not the quality of care. Basically, it is about spending more money. This makes the insurance companies happy, and not too many other people. and it does bring the United States closer to bankruptcy.

With a backdrop like this, it's hard to undertake the real and needed solutions. Like tightening Medicaid eligibility. Or undertaking tort reform. Or limiting end of life care. But these reforms "can't" be undertaken because they kill sacred cows. In that case, no health reform is better than "bad" health reform.

OK, Congress is going to try to raise some of the needed money by placing a surtax on wealthy people, and forcing others to buy insurance. That, at least, represent something of a "pay as you go" policy But why mandate health insurance for people that don't want to buy it? The money you don't spend is money that you don't have to "raise."