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Now or Never For the Health Bill

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and other Democratic leaders know that they have to pass the health bill THIS YEAR before Congress breaks for the holidays. If they wait till next year, it won't pass.

The reason is that the legislators are much more supportive of the bill than the American public as a whole. This is particularly true in the states of "swing" Democratic votes, like Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, and Ben Nelson of Nebraska. Not to mention Harry Reid of Nevada.

EVERY Congress(wo)man is up for re-election in 2010. So are one-third of the Senators, including Mr. Reid himself. Legislators that go home for Christmas and come back for the New Year will be reminded of that fact. They will have had another chance to face their disgruntled constituents, as they did around Labor Day, and this time, there minds WILL be on re-election.

So the "leadership" wants to hurry their members into passing a bill that is not good for their constituents, nor is good for them politically. That is a terrible way to pass a bill. Which is why it shouldn't happen.