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The LEFT Doesn't Like Obama's Health Bill

That is because they were double crossed.

Key to the Left's support was the so-called public option, a bare bones policy provided by their favorite provider, government. But the Senators wouldn't support a public option. So the Senate leaders took it off the table, leaving the left high and dry.

Basically, that leaves the leftists, and everyone else, to the tender mercies of the health insurers, who got just about everything they wanted, and who (not the uninsured) stand to be the main beneficiaries of the health bill. Many leftists will therefore be forced to pay for something other than their preferred option. It's like taxing chickens for the benefit of foxes.

Republicans should defeat this bill by reaching to the left. In fact, they should waive the filibuster provided that the vote takes place after the holidays. At which time the bill will fall of its own weight.