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The Aviation Authorities Finally Do Something

It began almost two years ago with passengers stranded for about ten hours on a Jet Blue flight. In the cold. Without food or refreshments except a few bags of peanuts or similar items. Similar things had happened on other flights but not for ten hours. And not (earlier) on Jet Blue, which was then undergoing a management shuffle. In, I recommended shorting what was then an overvalued stock (in the low teens), on the theory that the company's pristine image had been punctured, and that poor fundamentals would catch up (down, actually) with it. They did.

The Federal Aviation Authority has laid down new rules fining airlines for stranding passengers for more than three hours. Naturally, there will be delays. But three hours is enough to accomodate all but the most extreme circumstances. And if they are that extreme, the passengers should probably be deplaned, if on the ground. Airlines have in the past refused to do the decent thing. The new government ruling basically forces them to, or pay the price.

As is its wont, it took the "government" almost two years to "get it." But they finally did. Better late than never.