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Americans: Innocents Abroad

The story of the Russians and American banks reminded me of another "American" story, a toast by China's Premier Zhou En-lai to then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger: "You are so smart, far-sighted, perspicacious, etc.,etc."

Kissinger replied, "Yes, for an American." Whereupon Zhou said, "Yes, you understand completely."

Throughout its history, America has been a country that's been more lucky than smart. Other countries and people "got theirs" the hard way. As a result, our statesmen are seldom a match for those of other countries when operating on anything like equal terms. (We are smart enough to win, however, given our advantages, just as the less capable U.S. Grant was able to beat Robert E. Lee with a two to one numerical advantage.)

Our Chief Innocent also happens to be our commander in chief, Barrack Obama. As such, he will be "taken" time and time again by foreign leaders. And America will pay the price.