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Only "Owners" Will Inherit the Earth

Much has been made about the "offshoring" of unskilled tasks, including call-center work, and other assembly line procedures. This process has recently been extended to skilled tasks (accounting, medical diagnosis, etc.). Basically, no American WORKER is safe from foreign competition.

Who IS safe from foreigners? Basically OWNERS of assets worldwide. That is the success formula of wealth gurus like Robert Kiyosaki. Basically, owners globally represent an oligopoly, then an oligarchy, that seldom competes with each other.

Until recently, skilled professionals were safe from foreign competition. But it was not for the reasons they felt; professional status. Rather, it was because in a time of relatively scarce education, such an education represented an OWNERSHIP position in a scarce resource. With educational opportunities growing worldwide, it is no longer such an asset.

On the other hand, "headless" celebrities sometimes get fabulously rich. These include Alex Rodriguez and Britney Spears among others. That's because they are the OWNERS of assets that are 1) regarded as valuable and 2) scarce, at least in their particular degree.  If we produced more "clones," they'd compete the gains away.