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Finally Obama Takes A Stand On Iran

President Obama RECENTLY called for democracy in Iran,and an end to a crackdown on dissidents that has been in progress for some time now.

This is something that should have been done last summer during and after the "election" campaign, when the current government was far less entrenched, and there was a chance of overturning an election result probably based on fraud..

Given Obama's penchant for human rights, it is something that he would have been expected to have addressed long before now. Instead, he has followed a "measured" policy, with recent statements less measured than before.

A job needs to be done when it needs to be done, not when you want to do it. That's something that a good CEO knows. By this measure, Obama is not a good CEO, and never has been.

It may be that Obama is finally turning to the problem in Iran, after getting his way in Afghanistan, two problems that are basically "connected" (look at a map). Or may he's now facing the specter of Israel taking drastic action. But maybe it's better late than never.