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Terrorism: The Hobbyhorse of an Upper Middle Class

With a handful of exceptions such as the Somali pirates, terrorism is not the province of the truly downtrodden. Instead, it is mostly the province of the global upper middle class (and higher). Obama bin Laden fits this bill, as did most of the 19 "9/11" hijackers. So did the underwear bomber, a college dropout and son of a diplomat.

Terrorism appears to be a (mostly) foreign uprising against a (mostly) U.S. overclass. Take the Twin Tower targets on 9/11.  No one wanted to launch an attack against a (U.S) sharecropper farm in the Mississippi delta. No, the target was the symbol of American global economic dominance, housing some of the richest, most powerful Americans working for investment firms (among others). Reportedly, the Pentagon and White House were among the other targets. See a pattern?

We could also have domestic "terrorist" attacks against our overclass, such as "tea parties" against government policies, or "invasions" of the private estates of bankers. Such actions are launched by people who have it "pretty good," but feel (downwardly) "relativized" by superrich, superpowerful Americans.