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Healthcare Reform: A Roundabout Road

The fundamental problem of the American health care system is that it is too expensive. It is now the most expensive in the world, on both an absolute and per capita basis, while being far from the best (on average).  Having the plan cover more people will make the problem worse, not better.

One way to look at it is to say that this is another exercise in Democratic "compassion," a Democratic Congress spending more money that it doesn't have. A more cynical way of looking at it is to increase the size of the problem, in order to increase the role of government.

Right now, the expense of an unwieldly system is bearable. When the new participants are added, it probably won't be. This will pave the way for all sorts of draconian measures to cut expenses, and worse, to raise taxes. Either or both will expand the POWER of government. By that time, America will be far along the "road to serfdom."

The strategy seems to be, "make it worse in order to (later) make it better." Or put another way, turn the cold into a bronchitis so that it can be treated with antibiotics.