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Primary and Secondary News

There are certain events that ought to be newsworthy, just because of their nature. That is what I call primary news.

There are other events that ARE newsworthy, whether or not they OUGHT to be. These fall into the category of "news for news' sake."

There are a number of insightful people on this site, with a wide diversity of opinions as to what the state of the world economy is. SOME of these views are likely to be correct, and ought to be primary news.

One example is the opinion, "We are now in the mother of all economic crises, that will soon morph into the mother of all political crises." If true, that would be a prime example of what I call primary news. But only a little attention is being paid to this possibility, at least off this site.

An example of secondary news is Paris Hilton. What she wears, what she eats (or drinks), whom she dates, and what kind of dog she "sports" are all seized upon as "news." That's so even though the things she does really aren't inherently newsworthy. Except for the fact that her great grandfather, Conrad Hilton, was a hotel magnate and left her a fortune.

The problem with secondary news is that it often drowns out primary news. As a result, our attention is diverted by the secondary kind, which distracts us from paying attention to the news that we really need to know.