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Governments Are Afraid of Hedge Funds

The U.S. Justice Department has warned the heads of certain large hedge funds, such as George Soros, Steve Cohen of SAC Capital, John Paulson of Paulson and Co. and David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital, to retain records of their activities in European trading, particularly as it affects the recent Greek crisis. The European finance authorities have issued similar warnings.

In essence, these hedge funds have been put on notice that they will be held accountable for their actions as it relates to the fate of a whole COUNTRY. This is a tacit admission that the larger hedge funds have become supranational entities, per an earlier instablog.

It started in 1992, when George Soros broke the Bank of England. Soros is one of the managers included in the latest circular. So are some relative newcomers, including David Einhorn, who is associated with the collapse of Lehman Brothers, even though he sounded a loud and clear warning, months in advance, that Fed and Treasury Department officials (wonder who they might be) should have heeded, but didn't.

Maybe governments do have something to fear from hedge funds, who appear to exercise a check on their power. Or maybe it's just a case of "shooting the messenger."