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Obama May Be Getting the Healh Care Package He Wants

Congress is going to try to "pass" the health bill using a process other than the normal one (reconciliation). If so, it would be a mish-mash of conflicting mandates whose totality would basically be acceptable to very few people. Instead, it is a very divisive piece of legislation that is bound to set one group of people off against another. But that's just fine with Obama, because his basic strategy is to "divide and conquer."

Did Congress buy key union support with a deferment of the taxing of "Cadillac" insurance plans until 2018? Obama wanted to please big labor. He'd give them exemption from having their plans taxed forever, if he could get away with it.

Did the Senate manage to do away with the "public option?" Fine, Obama doesn't need the expense. More to the point, he doesn't want to make the concession (tort reform) that would make the public option work. But he just loved having those Senators quash these problems for him.

Did the Senate forget to put in provisions limiting health care funds from being used for abortions? What self-respecting liberal would want such limits? Putting them in the House bill was just a way to get a handful of socially conservative Democrat votes that Obama needed there. Let the House pass the Senate version without such restraints, and then try to fix it--if they can.

And if they can't, the bill got passed. The fact that it happened in the worst way possible doesn't bother the leadership one bit.