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"Austrian" Economics, and Its View of Banking

One of the tenets of the so-called "Austrian" school of economics is that most macroeconomic problems originate with banks and banking.

An examination of the past twenty five years or so would support this view:

Who created the successive bubbles in LBOs, IPOs, and instruments such as CDO's? Who created derivatives with a notional value several times the size of the U.S. economy? Who encouraged the U.S. home buyer to mortgage himself/herself to the hilt so that they could mortgage themselves to the hilt, and utlimately the U.S. goverment to the point where the country's AAA credit rating is called into question? Who purchased and packaged "subprime" mortgage paper for a living, and sold them to the world as "bonds," poisoning the global economic system in the process?

There are other economic problems around. But most of them pale in comparison to the ones referred to above.