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Obama's About Face on Offshore Drilling

President Obama has done what no Democratic President has done in recent times; lift restrictions on drilling offshore for oil and gas.

Perhaps this move is pragmatic, tied as it is, to dwindling world energy supplies, and persistently high oil prices. After all, if petroleum is going to continue to command $90 a barrel, we might as well develop domestic reserves, such as they are, instead of importing as much as we do. And countries like BRAZIL now have more experience in drilling in rough offshore Atlantic waters, under an avowedly Socialist President. He's one of the few world leaders officially to the "left" of Obama.

On the other hand, it's interesting to see where Obama is directing the drilling; more on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts than say, California, where his party's core supporters are. Instead, the President appears to be trying to woo (and hold onto) votes in generally "Red" states that he won or came close to winning last time. And voters in those states are typically more worried about jobs than the environment.

Maybe Obama is at long, last, doing the right thing economically. But maybe he is following his old pattern and acting politically.