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Another Chinese Bribery Case

Following the guilty pleas of four RTP executives, there has been another bribery case in China. And this one involves Avon Products, an American company that sells an "aspirational" life style, mainly in developing countries, including China.

The problem apparently started in 2008, when corporate headquarters was tipped off about irregularities in expense recording in China. To its credit, the company began an internal investigation. Four company executives have been placed on administrative leave, pending the completion of this investigation. That is separate from what the government of CHINA may be doing with regard to this matter.

This is a particular embarassment to the company, who has a Chinese-American CEO in Andrea Jung, and whose future large depends on BRIC countries, particularly China and Brazil.

China, in the past, has not been above "trumping up" criminal charges. How much more will they react to REAL ones. And this is a country that uses the death penalty for "non-violent," ECONOMIC crimes.