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The Return of "Generation Scold"

Every fourth generation in American history is a so-called "reactive" generation. More to the point, the current incarnation, Generation X, has spent the past decade turning forty, and taking their midlife positions in American society. Previous generations of this type include the Lost Generation of FitzGerald and Hemmingway, the Gilded Age generation of John D Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and JP Morgan, and the Liberty or Death generation of Patrick Henry and George Washington.

The latest "scold" manifestation can be seen on talk radio, with the likes of Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin. This is a conservative medium, for a mostly conservative generation. Such cohorts produce the occasional liberal, Harry Truman, or arguably Barrack Obama (whose 1961 birth year puts him on a boundary with the Boomers), who is himself something of a "scold."

Opinion makers like New York Post's Andrea Peyser talk of "locking up kids until they are 30." The parents (mostly mothers) of a preceding Lost generation opined, "Children should be seen and not heard."

The song most often associated with Generation X, "I Will Survive," was written by two Boomers Dino Fekaris and Freddy Perren. As such, they were not members of Generation X itself, but rather "incubators" of the (slightly younger) generation.