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Out of the Mouths of Babes: The Wisdom of MALIA Obama.

I've been critical of the current President of the United States in the past. But there is one respect in which his Administration appears to be superior to others in the recent past: The first family.

Malia Obama (aged 11) asked the President, her father, the critical question. "Daddy, have you plugged that hole yet?" A good question by a bright kid at the right time. Seems like she follows up on a regular basis. Left to her, the job WOULD get done.

I don't have a recollection of either Jenna or Barbara Bush asking that kind of question of THEIR father with regard to his inept handling of Hurricane Katrina's aftermath.

Meaning that I can see Malia as a viable candidate for "President Obama"---in the 2040s. Can't say the same of either of the Bush girls, although one or both of them have married aspiring politicos, meaning that the most they can hope for is First Lady.

(Note, Malia Obama appears to be a member of the "new World War II" generation (born in the 1980s and 1990s), another generation of doers. But her younger sister, born several years later, AFTER "9/11" is more like a member of the "Homeland Security" (new Silent) generation.)