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Chrysler-Fiat: A Shotgun Wedding

Why do shotgun weddings occur? It's usually because someone (like the bride) is "in trouble."

The "bride," in this case, is Chrysler Corporation, and the prospective "husband," in this case, is an Italian named Fiat. The "groom" has quite a "reputation," although if the truth be told, was not the partner that made the bride "embarrassed" (to use a phrase common to Latin languages).

In most societies, it is customary for the groom to pay a "bride price" to the woman's family for the privlege of marrying the bride. This rule applies in corporate takeovers, too, where the "taker" has to pay a premium to the shareholders of the "takee" (to get them to sell).

There are times, however, when the bride price is a small or token amount. That usually occurs when there is something defective about the bride, like a presumed inability to have healthy children. This was certainly the case here: Fiat offered nothing for Chrysler except a "wedding ring" (merger agreement), because Chrysler had nothing to offer to Fiat.  

Chrysler-Fiat. One broke, the other nearly so. Not a marriage made in heaven, but a reasonably equal match nevertheless.