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Obama Had It Right on Afghanistan

I'm not usually a fan of President Obama's foreign policy. But he had it right when he said the Afghanistani rebels (the Taliban) were worse than the Iraqis.

In the latest outrage, the Taliban hanged a seven year old boy for "spying" in areas under their control. The lad was not identified because of his age, but it appeared to be his elders, and relatives, that provided the trigger for the execution. In other words, the boy was punished for the "sins" of his "fathers."

The move drew harsh criticism from the "official" government of Pakistan, of President Harmid Karzai.

Such behavior has no place in a civilized world. American troops are in Afghanistan trying to stamp out the rebels who are perpetrating this. With slow, but steady success.

And the appropriate punishment for most rebels captured in the process--is hanging.