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It's Really About the Auto PARTS Companies, Isn't It, Obama?

Auto parts companies have asked Obama's automotive task force for $8 billion-$10 billion in aid.

General Motors is also planning to spend billions of its bailout package to rescue Delphi, its spun-off auto parts supplier.

It didn't make sense that the Administration would take such a strong interest in saving AUTOMOTIVE jobs. (There aren't that many to be saved.) Nor was it initially apparent why it would mandate the production of certain quantitites of certain types of cars.

Now the truth comes out. The "auto" bailout had "ulterior motives," nearby.

Auto parts companies have jobs that number several times those of auto companies. That's a constituency worth seeking. In economics, it's called a "multiplier" effect.

Viewed, this way, the bailout doesn't look quite so expensive or outrageous (although it still isn't cheap).&nbs... why don't you level with us, Mr. President, instead of trying to sneak things in through the back door.