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Totalitarian China Up to Its Old Censorship Ways

China wants U.S. computer companies to include software that would make it easier for China to censor access to "undesireable" (political) sites. American companies should decline to be part of such efforts.

If a country wants to censor computers after they arrive, that's one thing. But foreign manufacturers, particularly Americans, should not provide censorship capabilities beforehand. That's anti-freedom, and just plain un-American.

During the 1930s, IBM provided "special" capabilities on its mainframe computers at the behest of Nazi Germany, to track "undesirables." That contributed mightily to the rounding up, and worse, of millions of people. 

Modern computer makers do not want to be party to a new Tien An Men Square.

There are some businesses that go against freedom and human rights. Those are not really businesses worth having.