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The Irony of the D-Day Memorial's Salute to Stalin

The D-Day Memorial in Virginia has added Joseph Stalin to its list of heroes. That is ironic, because Stalin was basically another "Hitler." He ruled 29 years, more than twice as long as Hitler, and actually killed more people, albeit in a less "discriminatory" fashion. Like Hitler, he purged his own military in a bloody fashion, and launched his nation on a path of forced industrialization that led to World War II.

Stalin was technically an "ally." But before that, he was an ally of ADOLF HITLER. Until June 21, 1941, this day, 69 years ago. The two of them had divided Poland, with Hitler giving Stalin a free hand in eastern Europe, and Stalin giving Hitler a free hand in western Europe. The two of them had plotted the "world's greatest bankruptcy sale, (of theĀ  British empire), before cooling down.

It was the following day, the summer solstice, that Hitler attacked the Soviet Union, thereby double crossing the world's SECOND worst dictator. The Allies then supported Stalin as the lesser evil. And Hitler had violated the fundamental rule that every boy learns on the playground: "You don't want to be the odd man out in a three-handed fight."