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Too Many Cooks...

The usual answer is "spoil the broth." But this might be true in the case of the U.S. auto companies, because the broth is already "spoiled."

The latest is attempted Congressional interference in the planned closing of dealerships. Normally, "Congressional interference" and "business" go about was well together as oil and water. But the car companies aren't businesses. They are wards of the state. And given that fact, Congress has every right to "interfere."

Why not? Everyone else has; the executive branch, the labor unions, certain judges. Everyone wants a piece of the pie, because the pie looks so large--until you divide it by all the claimants.

The restructuring of the car companies needs to be made as long drawn out and painful as possible. Everyone needs to get involved and stir the pot. Everyone needs to learn a lesson, and administer one to others.It's like a mother (mine) forcing her child to put his hand on a hot stove--so he'll never do so again.