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What China Calls Spying II

WE call it competitive analysis. THEY (the People's Republic of China) call it spying.

A Chinese-American geologist named Xue Feng was sentenced to eight years in prison for gathering information about the location and condition of some 30,000 Chinese oil wells. Even though that is basically "public" information.

The Chinese oil producers are nominally private companies. But in reality, they are arms of the state. So, from China's point of view, gathering intelligence on such companies is really "spying" at a NATIONAL  (not corporate) level.

There is a fine line between "intelligence-gathering" and spying, and different countries can reasonably draw that line in different places.

On the other hand, the Chinese make use of our laxer interpretations to do conventional "competitive analysis" here in the United States. In the Silicon Valley, New York, and any number  of other places where there is valuable information.

More to the point, some people even do what we (and they) would consider "spying."

We need to be vigilant about the Chinese spies that are in our midst and ferret them out . Like we did with the Russian spies.

Disclosure: Long Chinese ancestors.