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I Spy, You Spy, Let's Trade Spies

America has finally figured out something to do with the eleven spies we caught: Trade them for eleven or so of our spies that they caught. Sort of like a prisoner of war exchange. That's a better idea than hanging the Russian spies in a public square (and having Russia do the same to ours).

There are probably a lot more Russian spies operating in the United States than American spies operating inĀ  Russia. That means that there are more of them to catch. That may be good news, provided that we actually catch them.

The fact that Russia is spying means that we have a lot more that's worth stealing. (We have a few in place, in strategic locations, to protect our own interests. The bad news is that Russia has more spies in place, and will do more stealing. The good news is that the (relatively) limited information our spies bring us may be more strategic, and hence more valuable.

We can protect our spies by trading the Russians' for them. But only if we catch the Russian ones.