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We Have A Stake In Iran's Elections

Does anyone on this site reaiize that Iran is voting today? Does anyone care?

A relatively moderate candidate is running for President,  against a government now controlled by  by hard liners. The moderates have a decent chance to win, though it is far from assured, amid allegations of government vote-rigging. What's worse, the air has been charged by the assassination of a "Sunni" Moslem cleric. (Most of Iran, unlike other Middle Eastern nations, is "Shiite.")

Given the tension that has been focused on Iran recently, a moderate victory would be welcome. They won't (poliically, "can't) dismantle the country's nuclear program. but they would refrain from pushing it forward. A moderate government would be easier to deal with in other ways. On the other hand, the current government seems intent on repressing its own people. If they win today, they will make the country more of a "powder keg" than before.