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About Eloping Palin Brides

This time, the bride-to-be was BRISTOL Palin, who announced her upcoming marriage to fiance, Levi Johnson without telling her parents. Todd and Sarah Palin read about it in a gossip magazine.

There was no love lost between the bridegroom and the bride's parents. When Bristol got pregnant during her mother's vice-Presidential run, there was a lot of pressure on the two "kids" to "do the right thing," and get engaged. Somehow, that all fell by the wayside after the campaign.

But the two youngsters came up with the idea on their OWN. And they did so, basically without consulting the parents. At least, HER parents.

Twenty five years or so ago, a then-young woman named Sarah Heath got married to Todd Palin, by eloping with him, thereby taking HER parents out of the loop. Perhaps she was trying to do the right thing against the wishes of her parents. But similar behavior repeated itself a whole generation later. Like mother, like daughter.