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Re-Election of Iranian Hardliner Spells Hard (Political) Times

The President of Iran won re-election for President in a landslide, after the votes were counted over the weekend, more than two to one over the nearest opponent. But there were charges of vote-rigging even by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden who questioned the fairness of the election.

Our problems in Iran started in 1954, with the CIA-led overthrow of the democratically elected Communist Mohammed Mossadegh. (Democracy is democracy, even to capitalists like us, who find Communists and Communism distasteful.)  His replacement was the more "acceptable" restored Shah of Iran, who was in turn overthrown in 1979 by Mullahs led by the Ayatollah Khomeni. Since then, "Ayatollan" goverment has been the rule in Iran.

The United States was "luckier" in Chile, in 1973, with the CIA-led overthrow of the democratically-elected Communist, Salvador Allende (who would almost certainly have lost the 1976 elections), on "9/11," 1973. .(yes, Chile had its 9/11 28 years before ours.) After fifteen years or so of dictatorship, the country managed restore a genuine democracy. But that only left it where it had started.

But the Iranian's path seems clear. First, he will have his secret police "sweep the streets" of domestic opposition. When he is done with that, he will turn his attention to the foreign problem. Just like a German dictator did about 75 years ago. And in possession of weapons that the German dictator dreamed about, but never had.