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Our Knowledge Of Iran Dates Back to 1979

That's the year of the Iranian hostage crisis, and the events leading to it. But here's what we knew as early as March of that year, summarized in a poem. Our observations on "gold and the Iranian hostage crisis" are based on this knowledge.

Title:Ayatollah Khomeni

Have you heard the news /About the trouble that's brewing in Iran?/ Have you heard the news?/The Shah's been driven off his throne.

Who would dare believe/ A government with the world's most modern arms/  ... Would be toppled by/ The rantings of a so-called Holy Man?

His name is Ayatollah Khomeni/The Priest who just took over in Iran/ Whose ruler really is not Bazargan/ But Ayatollah Khomeni.

He says he wants to builld an islam state/Where everyone must pray five times a day/ And women can't be seen without a veil/In Khomeni's Islam state.

He calls this freedom from the Shah/SAVAK and USCIA/But they have merely been replaced/By Khomeni's special courts.

And so we see the Persia of today/Revert to medieval times and ways/But maybe this is much more to the taste/Of Ayatollah Khomeni.


It was written to the tune of a Spanish song, meaning that we know some Spanish as well.