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The Germans Are Worried About U.S. Inflation

So says Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany.

The Germans ought to know. They experienced hyperinflation in 1923. Geramny couldn't pay the debts that were imposed on it under the Versailles Treaty/. So the central bank printed money with abandon. It took a wheelbarrow to carry enough bank notes around to go shopping One thief left the bank notes, stealing only the wheelbarrow.

The hyperiflation destroyed the middeclass, ultimately bringing Hitler to power. Only the rich had the means and savvy to insulate themselves.

A similar thing happened in China in 1948-49 under the Nationalist government. The result was the defeat of the Nationalists, and the rise of Commjnist China. That's why today's China is a heavy inflation fighter, who will "sterilize" dollar inflows, rather tahn print yuan to compensate.

Could a similar thing happen here? Not to the same degree. But we could soon be looking at double-digit inflation like that of the 1970s. That would be a terrifying thought for most Americans.

Full Disclosure: Long Chinese ancestors; a German nanny as a child. Some of these people shaped the views contained herein.