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Elizabeth Warren Over Michael Barr: The Real Choice.

Message to fellow Republicans: You need to support Elizabeth Warren over Michael Barr for head of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. By a party-line vote, if necessary. If she goes down, let the blood be on the Democrats' heads.

Warren is a Democrat, but she is a CENTRIST Democrat. With roots in the (mostly Republican) heartland (Oklahoma). And as well "qualified" (Harvard Law School professor), as anyone around.  She might be a bit "heavy handed" with certain Republican interests such as banking, but she also won't tolerate any nonsense from most Democratic constituencies.

Barr is a leftist. With a past quite similar to Obama's. As to his views, let's just say that we already have a sample in the White House already. We don't need another "clone." About all we can say is that he would favor "his own." His heavy-handedness would all be on our side, the Republican side. A third such person (of like age and mind) would be Timothy Geithner. Call them "The Three Musketeers."

Apparently, Warren is still "in the running" with Obama because is a woman. If Warren were a man and Barr were a woman, it would be Barr hands down.