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Game's Up For Charlie Rangel

Even NANCY PELOSI no longer wants to defend him. That says a lot.

Rangel is accused of violating tax rules, as well as Congressional reporting rules, that others like him have to obey. In most instances, that's a larger offense than violating "rules" generally, that don't directly affect most of his peers. What's worse, he wanted to impose draconian penalties on OTHERS who did what HE did.

The story could have turned out better. He was a hero in the Korean War (a long time ago). He did a lot for his community. But in the end, he was an expensive burden to his peers and to his people, going too far to get what he wanted, legal or not. As such, he did not set a good example (of paying taxes, and generally following the law).

Rangel can resign, like Nixon did. Or he can face impeachment, trial, and (probable) removal by a jury of his "peers" (other Congressmen).

Sorry Charlie. No one is above the law. A President of the United States found this out. A  certain Congressman soon will. And "past performance is no guarantee of future outcomes."