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For Whom "Life Is Not Fair"

Dick Fuld, former CEO of Lehman Brothers, has publicly stated his belief that "life is not fair." Tony Hayward, former CEO of BP, said the same thing about a month ago.

Fuld's company collapsed, he said, because the Federal government unfairly refused to bail out Lehman. But how and why did Lehman need bailing out in the first place? That was HIS fault, not the government's.

Hayward was indirectly responsible for the worst oil spill in history (so far) and directly responsible for a relatively weak public relations effort that followed, that included his going yacht racing while the oil was still gushing.

In all "fairness" (pun intended), Fuld is out of a job. But he is still enormously wealthy, although he and his wife reportedly had to sell off a few possessions.

Hayward was sent to Siberia, literally. To take over BP's joint venture with Russia's Lukoil. To replace the man who took over his job. But at least Hayward still has a job, a good paying one, with all they executive trappings, including weeks of paid "leave."

Ask Fuld about all the people that he laid off, saved the company millions of dollars on, and thus personally profited from. Ask Hayward the same thing. More to the point, ask their VICTIMS.

Do those people think that it is fair that they are where they are, and the CEOs that laid them off (and committed other outrages) are where they are? The answers might prove revealing.