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"John McCain" Patrolling North Korean Nuclear Materials Carrier

That's the United States Ship. Not the former pilot/Presidential contender. We should be so lucky. But the ship was named after Senator McCain (or perhaps his father of the same name, a World War II Admiral and war hero).

Senator McCain is a former inmate of the infamous "Hanoi Hilton." As such, a Communist country like North Korea would have much to fear from his wrath. The'ers NO WAY he would tolerate a missile aimed at Hawaii (a major naval base). Given the man's admittedly short fuse, the "crisis" might have been resolved, one wya or another, by now. (And his running mate would probably find the country good "moose huing territory." It "lucked out" lasf fall when America elected the other man as President. Nevertheless,  having a ship of that name tail the vessel suspected of carrying contraband must still be unsettling.

The value of an American President is largely determined by the particular challenges that he faces, relative to his capabiitilies. For instance, in 1988, we voted for Dukakis (on fiscal grounds). But if we had known beforehand that Iraq would invade Kuwait during the next Presidential term, we would have voted for Bush Str.

The American people elected Obama President, perhaps because he was perceived as being better on domestic issues. But McCain is actually more suited for this particular mission.