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Iran Gets Another Chance to Face Its Demons

One of Iran's demons is the way it treats women. Another is the country's lack of democracy. A third is its domination by "clerics" (religious men). All of these themes will come out in the movie "The Stoning of Soraya M" that is now being released worldwide, including Iran (despite being banned there).

This was a movie about a woman "framed" for adultery in 2005. The first question is, why should a woman (or man) be stoned for adultery, even thoug it is a serious matter.(Would we want that fate for our South Carolina governor Mark Sanford, or his (married) lover?) The second, is, why should she be tried in a religious court for what would be a civil crime? What were the rules of evidence, and was there a chance for the woman to prove her innocence?

This movie might have less relevance, except for the fact that the first, and most famous martyr of the recent "uprising" was a woman named Neda. This event effectively merges the two themes: women's rights, and voting rights. The two could join forces and bring about a second Iranian revolution.

Sometimes art imitates life. Another, real-life, example was the production of the Hollywood movie Casablanca, about passive resistance to the German rule in that (French) Moroccan city. But Hollywood started the movie without realizing that the U.S. military had the same idea about an ideal "invasion" location. So it then rushed out the movie, late in 1942.