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Dividend Stock analysis of China Mobile(CHL) adr emerging stock

|Includes: China Mobile Limited (CHL)

Ok my analysis of China Mobile Limited (CHL), This is a emerging market place on wireless mobile phones. Based in Hong Kong, more than 160 million phones were sold in China in 2008! China mobile has a 75% market share in China. Currently has 470 million subscribers, 50 larger than the entire US population. Where is the buy button, ha ha ha.

Currently traded at just a tad over 11 times earnings. Has $7.86 cash on hand per share., pays a twice a year dividend of 3.93%, and growing at a alarming pace with the dividends per year. Expected to increase sales by 5% even in these times. Carry's next to nothing in debt. Insiders own 75.25% of current 4.01 billion shares. Leaving less than 1 billion share to purchase on open market, that in itself could be considered a premium. 
I have set a fair target price with earnings of $4.06 per share with a fair 15 P/E comes to a target price of $60.90 per share. Closed Friday night at %46.06. Now if you add the cash that drops the P/E way down to 4 to 5 range which makes this stock a steal. This is a technology play with a emerging market twist. 
Disclosure I will be going long on Chl shares Monday order is in. Thanks Dividend Basket