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Question Posed To Dendreon Investor Relations

|Includes: Dendreon Corporation (DNDN)

Question posed to investor relations at Dendreon on 4/29/2013:

1. Is there progress being made towards developing a biomarker, or a set of biomarkers or assay which could aid clinicians in counseling patients about the status of their prostate cancer AFTER treatment with Provenge? Will there be a recommendation on such lab testing announced by Dendreon scientists?

2. Should European approval be obtained, what is the marketing strategy to be used? Will Dendreon continue with its current sales force, utilizing them overseas, or will a European sales force be hired and trained? Will the current US sales force be used to train their European counterparts?

3. Is it permissible for IR personnel and any management team members to use investor blogs to search for fresh ideas? (I can suggest that biotech investment blog can be mined for information) What is Dendreon's policy on using social media to interact with the public regarding Dendreon's progress with Provenge?

4. Would Dendreon consider an investor-relations blog on its own site, hosted and moderated by Dendreon employees? This would limit the amount of misinformation and speculation on the science and investing sides alike.

As a shareholder very much arguing on the side of long investments in your company on (author name "McBride") I look forward to an informative response from your company before the May 9, 2013 earnings call.

Regular article to follow with their response and my interpretation of their response.

Disclosure: I am long DNDN.

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