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Why is Solar going to EXPLODE?

Wind Power's Weird Effect

This wind power article identifies benefits most people don’t know about. Renewable energy gets a federal tax credit of 2.1 cents per kilowatt-hour even if there is no one to sell it too! How great is that!
Why is that good? Solterra Renewable Technologies (Ticker HGUE) solar cells will generate 24/7  maximizing power during the day when it is needed most and minimized at night but still generating and get the 2.1 cent subsidiary. The new Quantum Dot solar cell will replace the silicon wafer solar cell to allow solar to achieve grid parity. The new proprietary Quantum Dot technology is more economical, more energy efficient, has a broader spectral performance and Solterra reduced the cost of Quantum Dot production by more than 90%. The new solar cells willl not need water for a cooling source. They can be placed close to the transmission lines as they are not dependent on specific windy locations since the Sun is everywhere. They will cost less than the wind turbine start up investment and solar power is more environmentally friendly, particularly for the birds and much quieter too. That is why Solar is going to explode with HGUE/Solterra Solar cells making it happen with their Quantum Dot technology.

Disclosure: Long HGUE - the risk to rewards ratio is way too appealing for me.