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Mr. Pickens; Make Hummer The Poster Child for a Sane Big Car Future

Make Hummer The Poster Child for a Sane Big Car Future


An Open Letter to T. Boone Pickens – How to Save Hummer and Point the Way To The CNG Future

From Bob Gordon, Co-publisher
The Auto Channel

So what’s the problem, CNG makes so much sense for powering America’s cars and trucks that it’s inconceivable to us that it’s taking so long to convince those in charge that this is good for America and all of us who like to (and need to) drive big cars with out supporting the OPEC gang.

So here is an idea Mr. Boone; why don’t you buy the Hummer Brand from GM, I think I can get you a deal on it…then commit to exclusively power these American made big beautiful brutes with CNG and Propane.

Hummers powered by these two fuels will change the way Americans look at these BIG VEHICLES…and with these economical, plentiful and ecologically sound domestic fuel options Hummer can become the poster child for both CNG and big American cars and trucks…a win-win for all of us.

Will Rogers said: Even if you're on the right track, if you stand still you'll get run over by the next train.

We urge you to change tracks and go with this big idea that will demonstrate the viability and marketability of CNG powered vehicles as America’s primary interim mobility fuel.

So what do you think?