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Big Oil's Divide and Conquer Update

But First Snide's Remarks, June 22, 2010: During the past 15 years The Auto Channel has put its resources where its beliefs are and provided in-depth, and many times exclusive coverage, of alt fuel events including those for the electric vehicle sector far more vigorously than any other mainstream automotive web site. We still strongly support the idea that some day domestic, sustainable, non-polluting electric, hydrogen or a yet unknown fuel must power our vehicles, but we also believe that now is the time to compel a ubiquitous near term replacement for our gasoline dependency.

Most independent automotive futurists and auto manufacturer sales projections concur, that the oft repeated fairy-tale of replacing 300 million plus gasoline powered vehicles on U.S. roads with electric vehicles in our lifetime is not only an impossibility, but is a diversionary tactic that enables Big Oil's “Divide and Conquer” mantra “there is not one replacement for gasoline” strategy to take our collective eyes off the ball, and allows the status-quo that Big Oil loves (and profits from) to continue as long as possible into the future.

The truth is that today there exists a readily available, sustainable, domestic and clean fuel to replace gasoline, today, not in 10, 20 or 100 years, but now. Now before more heroes have given their lives or limbs to sustain the criminal status-quo, now before we continue to purchase and burn trillions of dollars more of gasoline.

Replace gasoline now and give Americans a realistic option that can defeat Big Oil's Divide and Conquer business plan which facilitates the export of a billion American dollars each day and sends it directly to people who hate our way of life and our freedoms (and are financing the campaign to destroy us), an industry that continues to take a trillion dollars from American driver's pockets every year and out of our economy just when we need it the most.

So we scream with outrage, NOW! Now is the time for every American to tell their representatives in government to wake up, get out from under the thumb of the oil lobby, because we will not take it any more; not now, not ever again, it's time NOW for an American Solution to America's Problem.