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Why You Should Buy Bank of America Today?!

|Includes: Applied Materials, Inc. (AMAT)
Why you should buy BAC on Friday
I’m surprised you even opened this link. Well, I’m in and there’s no letting me out. I bet it was a high percentage of people that x’d out this window. Well, for the remaining... uhh... you’re in for a treat?

Okay, just finished my Bumble Bee Tuna Salad packet with Crackers. It even comes with a little spoon. Who makes this?

You should purchase Bank of America today because it posted the highest dollar in profit for the first quarter. Don’t close on me yet. In addition, BAC (stock symbol for Bank of America) is under watch in the news. The government forcing a business move? Afraid so. Of course, I’d prefer to see our government feel bad about Lewis and the BACs by using a little white-out and turning the calculator upside down tonight, but it’s more than fumbling a few numbers.

The government is trying to scare us into letting them run our whole financial system. Isn’t the bank where the money is held? Turning preferred stock into common stock, hiring employees with full benefits without the money to pay for treatments and births, letting Bo write Biden’s speeches, etc.

We can’t worry about all of that. All we can do is invest our money into the companies we believe in. I believe in BAC. It’s the Bank of America. They have the Keep-the-Change program, Arizona State credit cards (mine’s maxed out; if it were a Harvard credit card, Bank of America would be paying me), and Yankees checks. Heck, they gave a hard-working school teacher / (slash) appliance salesman / worst stock picker ever a mortgage. I’m always thirty days early.

We need to pick up this company today.

Tell Uncle Sam, “Hey Sam, we love you, we love here, but we’re taking Bank of America back to the Real America.”

Do you get it?

I don’t

So, all in all, buy lots of BAC on Friday. Raise it to 13 and smile knowing that you’re saving the banks.

And then I’ll maybe be able to get rid of these 300 shares I’ve had since last Monday.