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A New Spotlight on Diverse Media Group (PINK:DVME.PK)

Diverse Media Group Inc.

(Public, PINK:DVME.PK)

MiV Investments profiles Diverse Media Group (PINK:DVME.PK) which has recently made a 50% acquisition of Celebrities in Action, Inc. which has a joint venture with Stan Lee, and has agreed to sign up for the responsibilities in regards to finding high profile celebrities and athletes for their movie roles. It is important to note that Lee’s former company, Marvel Comics, was acquired by Disney for over $4 billion dollars. The current economic situation may be a horror for most businesses, but the movie industry is expecting a happy ending. Ticket sales this year are up 17.5 percent to $1.7 billion, and attendance has risen nearly 16 percent, according to Media by Numbers, a box-office tracking company. If attendance continues to increase at the same pace it has for the past six weeks, it would amount to the biggest box-office surge in at least two decades. “People seem to be turning to the movies to escape from the daily worries of their professional lives,” Browning, marketing manager for Regal Entertainment, said. “In economic uncertainty, movies are still a relatively inexpensive form of entertainment when you compare it to sporting events, concerts or going out to eat.” The company also represents actors and directors on leading primetime television shows including Lost, 24, House, Bones, Wildfire, Prison Break, Deadwood, NCIS, Criminal Minds, and previously Seventh Heaven, Charmed, One Tree Hill, and Las Vegas. Diverse Media Group is also one of the few small / micro cap companies which is fully OTC pinksheets compliant.

About Diverse Media Group

Diverse Media Group, Inc. is a publicly traded company that operates entertainment services across all platforms of distribution in the emerging digital age. Diverse Media Group, Inc. is the parent company that emerged as an outgrowth of Diverse Talent Group,Inc. (NYSE:DTG). DTG was incorporated in the year 2000, but has roots going back 27 years as a talent agency representing artists in motion pictures, television, radio, and commercials. DTG is ranked in the top ten among Hollywood’s most influential agencies. Diverse Media Group, Inc. is expanding upon those years of experience to create a multi-tiered organization which creates content, owns and operates distribution channels, and pioneers methods of packaging entertainment products and services.

Recent News

Network Talks Underway to Develop “Momo” into Weekly TV Series
“Momo” executive producers Dimitri Logothetis and Nicholas Celozzi have announced that talks are underway with networks in the U.S. and Canada to develop the project as a weekly series for television. “Momo” is one of six titles for which Diverse Media Group, Inc. has optioned to purchase a 30% interest from Elio Pictures, Ltd.Diverse Media Group CEO Chris Nassif calls the development “a huge step forward in our company’s transition to a complete entertainment and media services provider.”Logothetis and Celozzi have been working for seven years on the life story of infamous mob boss Sam Giancana. After securing the exclusive story rights from Francine Giancana to her father’s life story, they originally set the project up at Warner Bros. and Turner as a mini-series. Logothetis calculates development costs to date at $75,000. With the success of the 60’s-based AMC series “Mad Men,” they decided that “Momo” could also satisfy weekly audience interest in that period of Americana. Giancana was born in 1908 and killed in 1974. Source here
Diverse Media Group Inc. (OTCPK:DVME) Options Six Titles From Elio Pictures
Diverse Media Group Inc. has optioned to purchase a 30% interest in six titles from Elio Pictures. Diverse Founder and CEO Chris Nassif describes the move as an important building block in acquiring a library of titles for distribution both domestically and worldwide. The Company acquired its first television property, “Hometeam,” in 2007. The program is currently airing in syndication in the U.S. and in South Africa. Nassif says, “Our analysis shows a dramatic shift in media metrics. It gives us an opportunity to create a strong business model, distributing a wide variety of titles across a multitude of platforms.”The Elio Pictures titles include “The Lost Angel” (2005) with Judd Nelson and Nicholas Celozzi, “Framed by Seduction” (2004) starring Robert Patrick, “Nightmare Boulevard” (2004) starring Claudia Christian and Corbin Berenson, “7-10 Split” (2007) featuring Tara Reid and Rachel Hunter, and “Senior Skip Day” (2008) with Lea Thompson and Norm MacDonald. The sixth title, “Momo,” is currently in development.The option is being purchased with 25 million shares of Diverse Media Group restricted common stock, valued at $50,000. The Company has until March 30, 2010, to exercise its option for a cash price of an additional $400,000. According to Elio Pictures, “Framed by Seduction,” made for $3.5 million, has earned $10 million alone, worldwide, since its release. Source here
Diverse Media Group Inc. (OTCPK:DVME) Finalizes Joint Venture to Create Celebrity Superhero Franchises
Diverse Media Group Inc. has completed the acquisition of a 50% equity interest in Celebrities in Action, Inc. (“CIA”) in a joint venture to create new superhero character franchises based on real-life Hollywood celebrities. The new characters will be developed with major stars of film, music, television and sports. Plans include original storylines spanning television, film, mobile and home entertainment, videogames, publishing, consumer products and merchandising.Celebrities In Action, Inc. is a vertically integrated entertainment company that develops, produces and distributes proprietary and licensed entertainment content, with a particular focus on animated celebrities.Diverse Media Group purchased 37,500,000 shares of CIA common stock, representing 50% of all authorized shares of Celebrities In Action, Inc. In exchange, Diverse Media Group agreed to assume CIA’s responsibilities in signing up celebrities and/or well-known athletes to participate in the creative joint venture with Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment, Inc. Diverse Media Group also agreed to issue 20,400 shares of its Series A Preferred Stock to Fordee CA Trust, the majority CIA shareholder, exchanged for the acquisition of California PA Trust, a California business trust owned by Fordee, and Fordee’s release of its option to acquire the 37,500,000 shares of common stock in CIA.

CIA has an existing joint venture with Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment banner to develop, produce and distribute animated programming, content and merchandise based on the premise of real-life celebrities in competition against characters from other worlds. Diverse Media Group will identify and secure the celebrity participation and Stan Lee will provide the creative vision to shape these novel superhero personas.

Praised as “a legend” worldwide and honored with his own Hasbro “Marvel Legends” action figure, Stan Lee is associated with such breakthrough superhero characters as Spider-Man®, The Incredible Hulk®, The Fantastic Four®, X-Men®, Iron Man® and Daredevil®. He is also recognized as an innovator in creating new media opportunities and revenue streams for the superhero genre. Among his accomplishments, Stan Lee is credited with leading the expansion of Marvel Comics from a small division of a publishing house to a multimedia corporation, and developing his characters into longstanding franchises.

Hollywood talent agent Chris Nassif, founder of Diverse Talent Group and its parent company, Diverse Media Group, Inc., commented, ”Stan Lee has excelled as a visionary, a leader in the global media industry and a creative talent whose complex fictional characters have become living, breathing members of our world. We are delighted to provide the setting for him to create characters based on real stars, which taps into the resources of CIA, POW! Entertainment, and Diverse Media Group.”

Lee’s POW! Entertainment company has a first-look deal with Disney, which last month acquired his former company, Marvel comics, for $4 Billion. Source here

Represented Actors and Directors on Primetime Shows

Diverse Talent Group represents actors and directors on leading primetime television shows including Lost, 24, House, Bones, Wildfire, Prison Break, Deadwood, NCIS, Criminal Minds, and previously Seventh Heaven, Charmed, One Tree Hill, and Las Vegas. He also has negotiated deals for soap stars on leading daytime shows such as The Young and the Restless, General Hospital and Days of Our Lives. Diverse Talent Group clients have also booked lead roles in feature films such as Dreamgirls, Welcome to America, The Flock and Transformers. Source here

Experienced Leadership

Building on a senior leadership group with a combined experience in the entertainment industry of over 100 years, Diverse Media Group Inc. is currently assembling an expanded team of dynamic professionals to help move the Company forward.


Chairman & Director
CEO, Diverse Talent Group, Inc. (DTG)

The Company is led by founder Chris Nassif, an agent in the entertainment industry for the past 27 years.  During that time he has represented actors, directors, producers, editors, and has packaged many television and feature film projects. The wide-ranging relationships he has developed with in the Hollywood community are a key asset in the expansion effort.

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CEO, Director
President, Diverse Television & Syndication

Steve Cohen brings Diverse Media Group a vision honed during a career at the forefront of emerging media platforms. Previously president of Hometeam LLC, a Seattle-based company which received millions in private investment, he also has served as consultant for the launch of the entrepreneur-funded Dyson News Network (NYSEMKT:DNN).

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Chief Operating Officer
President, Diverse Digital Studios

As Chief Operating Officer , Rick Friedman guides the day-to day business affairs of Diverse Media Group, Inc. (PINK SHEETS: DVME). As president of the company’s new operating division, Diverse Digital Studios, he oversees the development and creation of the company’s new digital products and services.Read more

Industry Forecast

In its newest industry forecast, published August, 3, 2009, Veronis Suhler Stevenson (NYSEARCA:VSS), a leading private equity firm, predicts that total spending in DVME’s sector of the economy will grow 3.6% per year over the next five years. In fact, VSS forecasts that the next five years will see the sector increase 20% greater than Nominal GDP which will only increase annually 3.0% by 2013. Source here, 2009Q2

Technical Analysis ( Click image to enlarge )

DVME is showing the anticipation to move up in a big way.  The past two months saw a huge 1525% gain in price and a 100% retracement (according to the Fibonacci Analysis in Pink on the chart). For the past two weeks, this stock seems to have been consolidating after this big movement in price. It now appears the consolidation may be complete (Red circle on the chart). Today, the price cleared and closed above a line of resistance/support at the .001 cent level (Orange dashed line). The price also breached the 23.6% retracement level and a closely corresponding ¼ level trend-line of the current price channel (Blue lines on the chart).  Also, the volume (Grey bars) is increasing (along with the price) indicating that there is a positive consensus among traders to support the probability of moving up the price channel.  There is plenty of upside potential and once the price clears the 23.6% level, it appears the 50% level is an easy target. That represents over a 100% gain from today’s closing price. It’s good to keep in the back of your mind that the last time the price cleared this 50% level area, also the middle trend-line of the price channel (Blue dashed line),  the price quickly moved to the top of the current price channel at .0045 cents.  That would mean almost a 250% gain from the current price level.

Overall Sentiment

With a set core group of experienced leadership, an optimistic industry forecast full of growth and opportunities, and the partnership with one of the entertainment industry’s biggest names in Stan Lee — Diverse Media Group should have the ability to breakthrough and set new highs in terms of both business opportunities and financial success. A new star is born.


Disclosure: Long DVME