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VirTra Systems CEO Set To Provide Company Update

VirTra Systems, Inc.


VirTra Systems and have come to terms on collaborating and providing an update for the company to its shareholders. Along with a company profile, a questions and answers session has been confirmed and the date of release is tentative for 02/08/10. We have recently contacted Mr. Ferris expressing interest in the company having felt that it was one of the most undervalued pink sheet stocks lacking exposure and transparency. With it’s remarkable sixth consecutive profitable quarter, and the ever increasing need of security mixed with the war on terrorism looming once again above America’s heads, look for VirTra Systems to have a grand year ahead.

About VirTra Systems Inc.

Since 1993, VirTra Systems has led the shooting simulation marketplace by creating firearms training simulators that replicate real-world scenarios so intensely and precisely that trainees are far better prepared when faced with actual life-and-death situations. VirTra designs and manufactures two distinct product lines comprising the world’s first 360-degree firearms training simulators: the IVR™ 4G military series, and the IVR™ HD law enforcement series. The HD law enforcement series delivers incredible decision making scenarios, 360-degree situational awareness, use-of-force training, real-world marksmanship, digital shoot-house, and of course marksmanship courses (from basic to advanced). The 4G military series delivers military skills training exercises, marksmanship and qualification courses (from basic to advanced), real-world marksmanship, immersive combat simulation, and digital shoot-house (CQB and MOUT training).

With best-in-class customer service and unparalleled technology like 360 degree high-definition real-world scenarios and the Threat-fire safe return fire system (both patent pending), it is no surprise that the finest military and law enforcement agencies in the US and throughout the world have hand selected VirTra’s simulators after trying out all other options.

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Questions For VirTra

1) Please introduce yourself and the experience you bring to the company.

  • You are considered by many to be the “Grandfather of Virtual Reality”, how did you acquire this nickname and what does it mean to you.
  • What is your “vision” for this company.

2) What is VirTra’s business model?

  • Infrastructure
  • Offering
  • Customers
  • Finances

3) Since you took over as CEO of VirTra what has changed?

4) You have struck numerous deals to reduce debt, please describe them and their respective specifics.

5) During the recent recession, six consecutive profitable quarters is a remarkable feat alone for a major index company never mind a Pink Sheet, do you expect a 7th?

  • Do you have any rough ball park estimates?

6) Can you safely say that dilution is out of the question due to your already highly profitable business?

7) Have you looked into entering the Educational Market, perhaps for students of law enforcement?

8 ) Apart from the Military and Law Enforcement, what other outlets for your technology are your pursuing?

  • The possibilities are endless: health and safety, educational, flight simulators, leisure industry and many more, rescue situations its endless… Have you discussed any of these with your management team for future plans?

9) Do you plan on releasing figures surrounding your Lockheed (NYSE:LMT) orders?

10) Can you give an overview of some of VirTra’s foreign orders?

  • Do you expect more foreign orders in 2010?

11) Shed some light on the Threat Dynamics Partnership, and the plans of building 11 facilities across the US as part of a plan to open fire arm training centers.

  • Is this going according to schedule and when can we expect more facilities to be completed?

12) Seems like you have been receiving a lot of domestic orders, please provide some brief details on them.

  • Do you foresee these orders increasing in 2010?

13) It seems like 2010 has once again renewed the fears of terrorism, do you feel VirTra can capitalize on this thus have increased military orders?

  • Are you currently in talks with the military to supply more of your systems?

14) Competition is always an important aspect to consider, what steps have you take to ensure VirTra stays above and beyond from other products of similar functionalities in the marketplace?

  • Any new products currently being developed through R&D?

15) Please inform us on your intellectual property.

  • Patents, trademarks, ect.

16) Lastly, where do you see VirTra: In one year? In five years?

Story Developing…

Disclosure: Long VTSI

Disclosure: Long VTSI