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S&P Symmetry

Is it just me, or has the S&P movement from June 8 perfectly matched the inverse of the movement leading up to June 8?  If you look at it in candlestick view, June 8 looks like an inflection point, and you could fold a chart vertically and June 8-26 would almost perfectly mirror May 19-June 8.

If this symmetry holds, we should expect a steep downturn tomorrow.

I recall observing in April how the 11/07-1/08, 1/08-3/08,3/08-7/08, 7/08-10/08, and 11/08-3/09 had nearly identical "spiky bubble" shapes, and surely we were on the left side of just such another bubble.  I mistimed the peak, but I've been proven right about the shape so far.